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Functionalab:Glycolic Acid Night Cream 10%

Functionalab:Glycolic Acid Night Cream 10%

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NIGHT CREAM 10% | 50 mL


  • High-performance glycolic acid skincare
  • Reduces the appearance of wrinkles, unifies skin tone, and boosts radiance
  • Slows the formation of new pigment spots
  • Slow-release mechanism minimizes risk of irritation

An active treatment for all skin types

The combination of alpha-hydroxy acid and arginine promotes the slow release of AHA into skin. This gradual release process ensures consistent concentration of glycolic acid and minimizes or eliminates the risk of irritation. Used regularly, this glycolic acid cream diminishes fine lines, smooths skin texture, and enhances complexion. Its innovative formula contains three skin-soothing ingredients: Calmosensine™, which stimulates the release of endorphins to create a relaxing effect, allantoin, which decreases risks of irritation and promotes the cellular renewal of skin, and bisabolol, which offers soothing properties.

Incorporating this anti-wrinkle cream into your nightly regimen helps in refining pores and promoting a smooth, youthful look.

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