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    Allow your skin to shine with our skin treatments. Offering facials to microneedling, we have all that it takes to make your skin glow.

  • Vein

    We specialize in treating those stubborn varicose veins! Allow our experts to guide you through this process, and love your skin again.

  • Laser

    We offer many options of laser treatment, from hair removal, tattoo removal to laser resurfacing.

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Facial wrinkling occurs for several reasons. In addition to aging and genetics, loss of skin elasticity and sun exposure can hasten the formation of wrinkles over time. Smoking and other lifestyle choices can also speed up this process. The areas which are typically targeted for these treatments are deep frown lines, forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, and fine lines around the lips.

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  • Let's Talk About Retinol

    Retinol acts as an exfoliator for your skin. It boosts the amount of collagen your body makes, and plumps out skin, improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It improves and evens out the skins tone as well. Talk to our experts to decide which retinol is right for you!

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  • Start with a Program

    We have a handful of skincare programs and systems to choose from. Many times, it's best to use the same brand of skincare products together, as they are meant to complement each other, by including all of the nutrients necessary for your skin. Talk to our experts to decide which program is best suited for your skin.

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  • Loyalty Points Program

    The Skin & Vein Centre has teamed up with to create a savings program for anyone who purchases Allergan products in our clinic. (Botox, Juvederm, Coolsculpting and Latisse).

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  • Ashley P.

    I have struggled with different skin concerns for most of my life and started going to the Skin & Vein Centre 6 years ago when my acne began to flair up. They gave me a treatment plan to follow that changed the way my skin looked and changed the way I felt about skin care. Emmy, Dalelene and Dr Kelleher work so hard to make sure they educate their clients on skin care and are so professional.

  • Denise O.

    Awesome! This is a beautiful, spotless clinic with friendly, helpful staff, and Dr. Kelleher herself is GREAT! She is very knowledgeable and skillful, and she is an honest, dedicated professional who cares deeply about her patients' satisfaction. I will definitiely go back for more beauty treatments!